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Finding the perfect fit

Posted: 6/2/2019 11:50 PM by Just Better Care
Finding the perfect fit

A chance encounter between her husband and a Just Better Care franchise office owner sealed Krystan’s fate as a valued Just Better Care staff member. Next year she’ll celebrate ten years supporting local communities in Queensland, across three different offices.

Back in 2010, Krystan had been trying for months to get a job in IT but was finding it difficult.
“When people would ask me to come in for an interview, I would tell them I was in a wheelchair to make sure I could get to the office,” she says. “So many times, there were stairs or accessibility issues. I was qualified for the roles, but it was quite hard to find something that worked.”
Just as the lack of success was starting wear, fate had a different plan. Krystan’s husband, known for his friendly and chatty nature, found himself chatting to a prospective Just Better Care office owner.  The conversation turned to Krystan and her frustrating job-hunting experiences.
Months later, and long after the conversation had been forgotten, Krystan received a call requesting that she come in for an interview at the newly opened office, Just Better Care Brisbane East. On the spot, she was offered the role of afterhours coordinator and accepted it.
“It was a huge relief. I like being honest about my wheelchair but a lot of times, when I did mention it, the mood and the exchange with the person at the other end of the line would change quite suddenly,” she says. “This time, things worked out perfectly.”
Her role was to coordinate care outside of office hours, working with customers and Support Professionals from home and from the office. It kept her busy. Calls would come in at any hour and Krystan was always ready to take them.
Soon, word of her skill and good nature got around. She picked up more work with other Just Better Care offices, adding Brisbane North and the Gold Coast to her roster.
“We have some lovely customers and I really like the job,” she says. “It also helps that I really like talking to people!”
Krystan lives with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder and uses a wheelchair due to weakness is her lower body. She has full use of her upper body, with mobility in her hands and arms, and drives a car to get to her different workplaces.
Since working with Just Better Care, Krystan has found that living with disability herself means she can quickly empathise with her customers. It often brakes down barriers when talking to people living with disability and their families. When customers realise, the shared experience can make it easier to open-up about their needs and concerns.
As she approaches a decade with Just Better Care, Krystan says it is the chance the company took on her that she’s always been impressed with.
“Just Better Care really invested in me, and I’ve believed in them,” she says.  
Her best advice for anyone living with a disability and looking for work is to not give up.
“It took me quite a few years to get accepted in a job I was excited to do. No one should think that, because they live with a disability, they can’t find a job they enjoy,” she says. “It might take a while, but eventually you’ll get a call back and be just the person they are looking for. The perfect fit.”
Her career continues to scale new heights. In a couple of weeks, Krystan begins a new role at Just Better Care working with the NDIS and the Queensland Community Care Services to organise the best care for the region.
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This article is from issue 8 of Possible Magazine. Read the complete extended version online now, read it here.

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