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Inside Possible

Posted: 3/17/2019 9:49 PM by Just Better Care
Inside Possible

Australia is an ever-expanding, changing and diverse nation. Diversity brings a richness to our communities, to our lives and to our work. It is appreciating this diversity and understanding how it impacts experiences of disability and ageing that drives our teams to learn and grow.

This issue of Possible is about embracing diversity, building inclusive services and resilient teams to better meet the needs of our wonderfully varied communities across the country.

Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs are filled with people enjoying the beaches and local cafes. In a city known for its love of sport, as a competitive swimmer David was considered a ‘typical’ Melbourne guy, until an accident at the beach changed his life. We hear from Christian, David’s brother and Just Better Care Melbourne Bayside Franchise Owner, on how their family’s experiences gave him a new perspective on care and support.

We meet Steve Ralph, who after suffering a spinal cord injury in 2017, is channelling his energy into a new passion for disability advocacy and fundraising to support the Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Research Program at UTS.

When the Just Better Care HR manager, Rebecca Harris, judged the 2018 Possible Awards entries, she read stories that were inspiring, stories that were funny and stories of friendship – each one as unique as the connection behind it. We speak with Rebecca about the importance of recognising the contribution of Just better Care staff and Support Professionals across the country, and how you can show your support in the 2019 awards.

We look at the work of The Diversity in Action Ageing Group, and hear more about how LGBTIQ seniors are providing insights on their life and ageing experiences to support the development of inclusive, respectful care and support services in Brisbane.

The role of in-home aged care and disability Support Professionals is full of variety, each day never quite the same as the next. Whilst this a drawcard for many working in the sector, it also means the role can be physically and emotional straining at times. We explore the importance of building resilience to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing, despite job pressures.

Increasing life expectancy is not just an Australian phenomenon, as across the globe our older populations continue to grow. We look at look at some of the figures to give you a snapshot of ageing diversity in Australia and across the world.

Next, we explore how, at home and across the world, approaches to healthy ageing are advancing through shifts in attitude, technology, design and new models of care.
Finally, this month we welcome a new addition to Possible: our crossword puzzle. Keep your mind active and if you hit a tricky question, why not call on the diverse knowledge and experiences of your friends, families or Support Professionals?

Do you have a story you would like to share about how you are saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities and achieving your goals? If so, we would love to hear from you. Send your story to

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