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Consumer Directed Care

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a new way of providing aged care and support services for older Australians. It gives people who receive a Home Care Package more control over the types of care services they access and the delivery of those services, including who delivers the services and when.

Just Better Care has been delivering Consumer Directed Care Home Care Packages for many years. With a broad range of support services, including lifestyle and social support options, our customers select a mix of services that best suit their lifestyle and what they value most.

Recent changes to Consumer Directed Care

The latest Increasing Choice in Home Care reforms took effect on February 27. Funding for a Home Care Package is now managed by the consumer, creating new opportunities for older people and their families to select the provider and services that best suit their needs.

All Home Care Packages in Australia are provided via the Consumer Directed Care model. The care program was first piloted in 2010-11 with great success, which led to the national implementation for all packages from July 1, 2015.

Services that suit you

From personal care and post hospital support, to travel planning and meeting friends for coffee, our services support people to live independently at home and within their community. Every customer has a dedicated Support Advisor who can work with them and their family to develop an individual care plan.

With offices located across Australia, Just Better Care customers have access to a national support network. This means if they move, they can be transferred to another Just Better Care location and continue to receive their elected services (where available).

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