About Recipes for a BETTER Life

Senior Australian of the Year actor Stuart Wagstaff and Paralympic gold medal sailor Daniel Fitzgibbon have shared their inspiring ingredients for a better life.

Thank you for submitting your ingredients! Recipes for a Better Life has now closed and one lucky person is one step closer to winning $6000 to make their life better. The winner will be announced soon!

Here are some of your inspiring ingredients for a better life:

  • Enjoy each day as it comes, don’t worry about tomorrow until it gets here
  • Love with ardour, spirit and vigour
  • Pay it forward
  • A smile can light up someone’s life: it’s free, but worth some much to those who need one
    One night a week, turn off the TV, get the family together and play a board game and chat with each other. It will pay dividends!
  • Appreciate your family members at all times – no matter how hard it seems. (You would miss them if they weren’t there at all!) Love them unconditionally, and yourself as well.
  • Make every moment count

Stuart Wagstaff

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Daniel Fitzgibbon

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