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Aged care services

Just Better Care Bankstown provides affordable and accessible services including in-home aged care services, supporting older people to live independently at home and within their community.

Since our inception, we’ve been empowering customers by providing a range of innovative services, tailored to meet individual needs.

Working with you in partnership, our experienced, friendly, helpful and reliable staff will take the time to get to know you, supporting you to maintain your wellbeing and to continue living safely, independently and confidently in your own home. 

Just Better Care, your way

We specialise in the development of tailored support options to meet your individual needs. Often, older people and their families have specific needs and preferences that are best met when you have complete control over what, how and when support is provided.
It can be daunting when the things you have always done start to get a bit harder to manage. But assisting you to get the support you need, identifying your strengths and capacities, and working with you to identify opportunities for you to continue doing what you love, is why we’re here.

Help at home

Sometimes knowing that you have someone there to help with the household chores is all you need to feel confident and in control. Maybe it’s walking the dog, cleaning the house, help with the weekly shop or the laundry. Just Better Care can tailor support to meet these needs.

Care and companionship

We often find that as people age, their social circles change, and family members or friends are not as available as they have been.

At Just Better Care we know that being able to share a cuppa, get out of the house for a few hours, or connect with people who share common interests, is the key to living well. Whether you want to plan activities, or just to know that someone you enjoy spending time with will be there at specified times, Just Better Care can tailor support to meet these needs.

Getting out and about

Supporting you to engage in activities you love, and identifying ways to maintain your chosen levels of independence is what we do best.

Fancy a trip to the nursery and an afternoon of gardening? Care to take in a movie or play? Enjoy playing cards or arts and crafts? Want to get out in nature? As local providers, we are able to build networks of people who share common interests. Assisting you to do the things you love, is why we’re here.

Dignified care

At Just Better Care we specialise in higher levels of support for people who may have very complex needs.

This includes support of people with memory loss or dementia, high care services including personal care, nursing care or palliative care, and/or other specialised services such as continence management or chronic disease management.

Our highly skilled and qualified staff know how important it is for all people to live with dignity, despite complex care needs. At Just Better Care we can provide high level care with a focus on dignity and choice to enable older people to live as well as possible in their own homes.

Contact us to discuss tailoring care and support to your individual needs. 

Need help to live independently?

If you have any questions about in-home support or have a specific request, simply complete the form below. We're here to help.