14 October 2022

John’s Technology Transformation

It's always bittersweet when Just Better Care farewells customers like John. Even though we will miss him, we're happy to have left him in good stead.

How Technology Transformed John's Aged Care 

It's always bittersweet when Just Better Care farewells customers like John. Even though we will miss him, we're happy to have left him in good stead. The most rewarding aspect of our disability support worker jobs and registered nurse jobs is to be able to help customers like John receive the care and resources they need to go on to live a better life.

After recent falls living at home alone, a pivotal clinical assessment from John’s Home Care Package Advisor (HCPA) and Registered Nurse Colleen Dunn, determined it was time he needed more support beyond his home. This is exactly what John himself desired.
“I was rushed in front of a lot of people queuing up for aged care because of Colleen’s assessment – and I appreciate that because I really needed it,” John said.
Through using funds from his home care package, the 71-year-old has been educated and equipped with a smartphone, laptop and noise cancelling headphones. These will give him the choice to stay in touch with loved ones, enjoy his sport at maximum volume, and remain independent whilst living in aged care on the Sunshine Coast.

Your Home Care Package Advisor is an Advocate for Your Wellbeing

Registered nurses in Just Better Care’s nurse jobs can assist customers like John by becoming advocates for their wellbeing.
“Feeling a sense of belonging is a vital part of our health and well-being, particularly as we age. I saw this opportunity through engaging Tianne from Coastal TechCare, we could enhance the next chapter in his life in a big way,” Colleen said.

“As John’s HCPA and registered nurse, it’s my job to advocate to ensure he receives adequate care and resources to live his best possible life,” Colleen said of registered nurse jobs. “For John to remain at home any longer, it would have been a significant compromise to his safety.”

Support Worker Jobs Can Assist your Activities of Daily Living 

One of the duties in our support worker jobs is to assist our customers to move into places where they can receive the essential aged and disability support they need.
Tianne Ewers from Coastal TechCare recalls being woken in the middle of the night by an unknown number, and she immediately thought the worst. “I panicked at first because one of my kids was out partying. I called the number back and it was John’s old ‘brick phone’ which misbehaved,” Tianne said. Once John had finally settled into his new room, Tianne spent time with him to set up and build his confidence with the new smartphone and laptop.
John, a sports tragic, is very pleased he is finally settled in his new room, thanks to the prompt efforts of Just Better Care.
“The oldies love a good old chat so the headset blocks out all the noise and I can listen to my football on the weekend and news during the week,” John said. “I feel lucky my transition from home has been a smooth one thanks to Colleen & Tianne. The chair, the phone and the headset make life so much easier.” 
Just Better Care provides in-home disability support and aged care services tailored to you. Find out how we can support your loved one by getting in touch today.