Learning how to navigate the MyAgedCare website will help you find the information you need, when you need it.

The Home Page

The home page of the MyAgedCare website provides very clear guidance for people who are new to MyAgedCare and need help finding what they need to do to get started.

It also has sections to help you understand concepts you will need to know - for example, there are three different types of care MyAgedCare can help you with.

Your MyAgedCare Steps

So you get the right information for your own situation, you can answer some simple questions to create a personalised guide to getting the help you need. 

The Assessment tab

In the menu there is an Assessment tab. This section of the website gives you all the information you need to start the process of applying for a MyAgedCare package.

Under this tab you will find:

Find a Provider

One of the most useful sections on the website is the Find a Provider information. In this section you are able to search for suitable providers, compare providers.

There are also sections to help you understand: The final section you will need to be familiar with is the Manage My Services section. This section will help you:
  • Make any changes to your MyAgedCare package - If your situation changes and you need to make adjustments to your care package or care services, this section explains what to do.
  • Appoint a Representative - If you need someone to help you when you are dealing with MyAgedCare, you can appoint a representative to help you. 
  • Access your Online Account - You will also need to set up an online account to manage your funding and you can find all the information to do this in this section.

If you would like one of our team to help you get to know the MyAgedCare website, please call us on 02 9669 1965.