We are proud of our team. They are the people responsible for providing you with the support you need. So, we want to introduce you to one of them today. Meet, Nadine. This is her story. 

Nadine has been working for Just Better Care for two years.  She is a Team Leader in support coordination. That means she ensures all our care services run well. As Nadine likes to say, “This team is the engine room of services”. Without Nadine’s passionate and intelligent leadership, we couldn’t provide our customers with good quality care. Nadine’s job is focussed on customer needs. She looks at customer’s daily, weekly and monthly needs—and then arranges for carers to meet those needs. If you need assistance with personal care, domestic duties, transport or shopping—Nadine and her service coordination team are the one who ensures a carer is available to help. 

We asked Nadine what her favourite part of the job is. She said: “The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that our support team makes a real difference in people’s lives. That warms my heart”. Nadine has been particularly touched by her team’s commitment to deliver reliable service even through the challenges of COVID-19. “Our support team are our unsung heroes!”, Nadine says. 

Nadine has plenty of happy memories from her time working with Just Better Care. She loves building relationships with carers, customers, and their families. We think Nadine does a great job, and we know our customers feel the same. Recently, one customer even wrote Nadine a thank you poem! 

Choosing an aged care support service isn’t easy. But, we think the most important factor is the team. And, we think you’ll love the Just Better Care team. That’s why we want you to know our team, and feel confident in their ability. We have many staff members like Nadine, who are experienced and dedicated. We want to thank Nadine and the rest of our team for the amazing work they do.