Breast Cancer patient Lyn Wescott has overcome the worries of her post-treatment by gifting five home-made pillows to women going through the same horrible journey as her. 

During Lyn’s stay at Buderim Private Hospital, a volunteer handed her a soft, c-shaped cushion which significantly eased the pain after her two breast operations. 

After being admitted from hospital, the 63-year-old’s carer, Sandy Wood from Just Better Care Sunshine Coast said Lyn was "certain" she wanted other breast cancer patients to experience the same comfort. 

“A good friend of mine was happy to make five c-shaped cushions for Lyn,” Ms Wood said.

“Lyn has always been a giver and to see her great big grin when we went back to the hospital to drop off the pillows was priceless.”

Sandy was Lyn’s ‘rock’ throughout the whole journey and the influencing factor on Lyn getting first tested.  

“I was receiving my regular breast screen and suggested Lyn should too. However, it wasn’t the news we were expecting,” she said. 

“If Lyn didn’t get tested, the outcome could have been chillingly different. On top of Lyn’s underlying health issues, this was a blow to all of us."

Lyn suffers from post-traumatic stress, immobility and long term effects from a stroke. 

Ms Wood has been a sensational asset to facilitating Lyn’s independence and confidence. 

“Over the past 12 months we’ve just become really good mates. We hit it off from day one. I was actually filling in for another team member. Lyn contacted the office after the first service requesting me to be her primary carer." 

“A doctor said to me Lyn’s attitude has turned a significant corner. Throughout our relationship, I’ve been able to jog her memory, provide input at appointments and trained her to plan her week out with a diary.”

Lyn is looking forward to more “free days” where she can concentrate on her love of photography and shopping. 

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