Melanoma Institute Australia has identified the Sunshine Coast as one of Queensland’s melanoma hot spots, emphasising the importance of sun safety in this region. It's alarming to note that 95% of melanomas are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. To combat this, adhering to the five sun-safe rules is crucial:


1. Seek shade

2. Wear sun protective clothing

3. Use a broad-brimmed hat

4. Wear wraparound sunglasses

5. Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50+


This year, the team at Just Better Care Sunshine Coast is taking their commitment to the World's Greatest Shave to a whole new level. On Tuesday, March 19th, Piper, the Human Resources recruitment Officer, will be donating her hair, Denise, the Advertising & Marketing Officer, will be dyeing her hair the colour chosen by the highest donor, and Tony, the Owner of Just Better Care Sunshine Coast, will be shaving his head.

Cancer affects us all in profound ways, causing heartbreak and emotional turmoil. However, Denise, one of the staff members, has witnessed firsthand the impact of research on survival rates, thanks to fundraising efforts. This year, they're inviting everyone to support this cause. Your donations not only drive vital cancer research but also give the staff the opportunity to become hairstylists for a day!

Let's make this year's campaign the most colorful and impactful one yet. If you'd like to donate to the JBC Sunshine Shavers Team, please click on the link provided:

Your contribution means that together, we're working to stop blood cancer in its tracks.