Despite having restricted mobility Nambour local Josh Paix is spearheading an independent life through a mowing business, four wheel driving and working out at the gym.

Josh, 23, presents with cerebral palsy as a result of birth asphyxia, but nothing has got in his way to living a diverse and fulfilling life thanks to NDIS and his closest allies including family and Just Better Care.

“At birth, Josh’s blood and oxygen supply was cut off for 53 minutes. No parent can prepare for the roller coaster of emotions of nearly losing a first child at birth,” Josh’s Dad Greg said.

Recently, one game-changing piece of equipment has enabled the Nambour legend to tend to his ‘JEP Mowing’ business, explore the freedom of holding a drivers licence and so much more.  

“By having these modified diabetic shoes now, including a second pair for when one’s being repaired, he’s got the feel to drive his car, feel to drive his mowers and the feel to walk around,” he said.

The high tone and spasticity in Josh’s legs made it a tough assignment for him to sit and control a traditional mower, but after the family discovered a zero turn mower, this enabled Josh to comfortably steer and stop solely with his arms. 

“His customers love seeing him come out there and having a go on his own mowing equipment. It makes Josh feel like he’s accomplished something for himself and helped someone else.”

“Josh’s loves getting out in the community and checking out what everyone else is up to. You’re most likely to find him camping, four wheel driving in the bush or supporting his beloved North Queensland Cowboys.”

Josh regularly makes his own way a few kilometres down the rolling hills of Nambour on his scooter to Jets Fitness where he works out with a personal trainer to strengthen his fragile lower and upper body.

“He’s taught me there is always a good side in life. There’s always a positive when there is a negative.
He shows up every single day with a smile on his face,” Josh’s Personal trainer Brenton said.

“I’ve worked with Josh for the past 18 months. I just admire the young man’s outlook on life. Nothing is too hard for him and he gives everything a go,” Just Better Care Support Coordinator Ruth said.

“We’re very happy with Ruth and Just Better Care, we’re content and the support they provide Josh is great. Every time I’ve been after some information, they’ve been onto it straight away,” Greg said.

“We don’t ask for a whole lot. To just see a smile on his face makes us happy.”

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