Many people we speak to admit to feeling overwhelmed by the process of applying for MyAgedCare funding. Once you have been through the process of meeting with ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) and applying for your funding, one of the most common questions we get asked is

“What is the difference between being approved for funding and being assigned funding?”  

The difference is simple but significant. 
  1. Approval: When you are approved for funding, you know your funding will become available but is not yet available for you to use. You cannot be assigned funding before you are approved for funding.
  2. Assigned: When you are assigned your funding, the funding is now available for you to start using for your care needs. You must have approval of funding before you can be assigned funding.
To help you understand, we have created this guide for you to follow.

I have received my Approval letter - what does this mean for me?

What has happened so far:
You have already had your ACAT meeting. This meeting is where the people from MyAgedCare assess your needs and decide which level of funding is going to be the best one for you.

You will receive a letter:
The ACAT will send you an Approval letter to let you know you have been approved for funding. It will also tell you which level of funding you have been approved for. You can see an example of the approval letter below.

What this means for you:
Once you are approved for funding you are placed in a national queue until a package at your care level becomes available. It can take up to 12 months before a package becomes available and assigned to you.

What you need to do while you are waiting for your package to be assigned:
Once you have been approved, you have the security of knowing you will be getting funding so you are now able to look for a service provider who
  • Can fulfil your care needs
  • You feel comfortable dealing with 
  • Can help you in the future as your needs change
Where can I find a provider?
The MyAgedCare website has a list of providers. You can find this list here. You will need to provide your location and answer some questions about the type of care you are looking for. This will help you find a list of service providers who are in the right area and are able to fulfil all your needs. 

If you would like to speak to someone from our care team to help you understand more about finding the right service provider, you can call us on 02 9669 1965.

The next thing that will happen is you will receive your Assigned funding letter, so keep an eye on your mail-box.

I have received my Assigned Funding letter - what does this mean for me?

What has happened so far:
You will have already received your Approval letter which informed you of the level of care you have been approved for. 
By now you might already have chosen a care service provider to fulfil your care needs once your funding has been assigned.

You will receive another letter:
This letter is your Assigned funding letter. It is confirmation your funding is now available for you to use. You can see an example of an Assigned Funding letter below.

What you need to do now:
Now you are able to engage a care service provider and begin receiving the Home Care  you need to keep enjoying your life.

If you have any questions about your approval letter or your assigned funding letter, please call someone from our friendly team on 02 9669 1965. 

Approval Letter Example Assigned Funding Letter Example