Meet clients Janelle and her talented husband Darryl, whose journey began working as a Butcher before transitioning to the rugged landscapes of construction in the mines.

From there, Darryl's career led him to Papua New Guinea (PNG), where he contributed his skills to the telecommunications industry, once known as Telecom, which has since evolved into ‘Telstra.’ Despite facing redundancy along the way, Darryl persevered, returning to the mines until a life-altering accident resulted in five broken discs in his back. 

This moment marked the beginning of a new chapter, one that unfolded with unwavering support from his loving wife, Janelle, and in home support from Just Better Care. Always one to tinker and create, Darryl redirected his energy into woodworking, particularly creating miniature replicas of cars, tractors, motorcycles, and buses. When asked what he does with his impressive creations, Darryl humbly replies, "I give them away to family and friends," exemplifying his generous spirit and love for sharing his craftsmanship with those closest to him.