Shirley and her husband, Howard, have called the Sunshine Coast home for a remarkable 32 years. Their journey began humbly, with an old weekender caravan and a weathered annexe. They initially joked about sneaking away from Brisbane for a weekend to escape their kids. However, as Howard fondly recalls, "Shirley said we're up on the Sunny Coast most of the time, why don’t we bite the bullet and move up for good." Their decision led to a beautiful outcome - their children eventually followed suit, and now the majority of their family calls the Sunshine Coast home.


Amidst their coastal adventures, Shirley has dedicated herself to a craft that not only brings her joy but serves a greater purpose. For over a decade, she has been knitting beanies and jumpers, using her talent to manage her arthritis. Her handmade creations not only provide therapeutic relief but also offer comfort to those in need.


The beanies find their way to local hospitals, where they offer warmth and solace to premature babies and sick children. Similarly, Shirley's jumpers are distributed through a local pharmacy, reaching individuals who require extra care during colder months.


Shirley's generosity extends far beyond the Sunshine Coast; her vibrant creations have even reached orphanages in Indonesia, spreading warmth and kindness across borders. She exemplifies the true spirit of compassion.


Reflecting on their decision to join Just Better Care, Howard shares, "Personally, right from day one when we decided to go with Just Better Care, it was the right decision… and if someone was to walk pass now I'd say at least give Just Better Care a call