We provide a wide range of support services—in your own home. Our team comes to you. Perhaps you’d like assistance with daily tasks, like shopping, cooking or personal hygiene. Or, maybe you’re an active community member and need help to get to your next meeting or outing. Whatever support you need, Just Better Care can help. 

We can help you stay connected to your community 

Our team can help you attend social clubs, volunteer commitments, family gatherings and more. We can accompany you to these outings or simply provide transport. 

We can help you when your normal carer can’t 

If you usually receive support from a friend or family member, Just Better Care can be a great backup option. We provide respite care. This means our team can provide short-term support when your usual carer can’t. 

We can help get you where you need to be 

Just Better Care provides a range of transport options, which take into consideration your mobility needs. Our team provides reliable, safe and friendly transport. 

We can help with your medical needs 

Our team includes registered and enrolled nurses. That means we can help you stay healthy. Our in-home nursing includes medication and pain management, wound care, monitoring, and post-hospital recovery. 

We can help keep your home comfortable and clean 

We can provide assistance with any domestic chores. From cleaning and gardening to laundry and more—we’re here to help. 

We can help you with daily tasks 

Our team can help you do things like shower, use the bathroom, dress, and get in and out of bed. Our team are also experts in continence management. Just Better Care is committed to your dignity and privacy. You’re in safe hands. 

We can help you keep eating your favourite meals 

Just Better Care can help with grocery shopping and meal preparation. We can cook with you or cook for you. This means you can maintain control over what you eat, and enjoy a delicious and healthy diet. 

We can stay overnight 

Our carers can stay at your house, whenever you need them. You can request company for one night or on a regular basis. This means you can sleep safe and sound, knowing expert care is at hand. 

We can help as life changes 

Just Better Care offers specialised services to meet specific challenges. Our post-hospital support helps you recover well. Our dementia support programs facilitate your independence and well-being. Our palliative care is compassionate and practical.