Is living independently starting to become difficult? Perhaps you know that one day soon, you will need some extra help. If you’re thinking about aged care support, we think you should apply for funding now. 

“But I don’t need help yet. I’m just planning for the future”. 

Is that what you’re thinking? We still want to encourage you to apply now. Here’s why: 

The process can take more than 12 months

Gaining access to aged care funding is not quick. The first part of the process alone can take up to six weeks. 
  1. You apply for an eligibility assessment through the MyAgedCare website or by calling 1800 200 422. This should only take approximately 20 minutes.
  2. Once you’ve applied, MyAgedCare will send an assessor to your home. You might need to wait a few weeks for this. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most assessments are happening over the phone or via video call.
  3. The assessor will decide which kind of support you’re eligible for. This can also take a few weeks.
After this, it may be a long time before you can start using the support services you’ve chosen. Due to high demand, there are lengthy wait times for many services. Depending on where you live and what kind of support you need, you could be waiting for over a year. 

Apply for Care before you Need Care 

A lot can happen in 12 months. If living independently is starting to become difficult, it could be far more difficult in a year’s time. What if you have a fall or your health deteriorates unexpectedly? What if your family circumstances change? Life can change quickly. That’s why planning ahead and applying early is important. If you only apply for care when you really need it, you might be waiting a long time without essential support. It’s far better to put care in place now. This way, you can continue living independently—with confidence.

Here are three reasons to apply for aged care funding now:
  • Applying now means you won’t be without the care you need, when you need it.
  • Applying now gives you and your support network time to plan your care.
  • Applying now provides peace of mind, so you can continue to enjoy living independently. 
If you’re thinking about applying for aged care support, you should start the process today. First, read our guide to applying for funding through MyAgedCare. Then, head to the MyAgedCare website to begin your application. Don’t get stuck waiting for the support you need. Apply now!