After your MyAgedCare assessment, you might have to wait a while before you can use your funding. You will be notified when you can access your funding. In the meantime, you can prepare. 

Think about your budget 

How much do I need to pay?

Now is a good time to do some budgeting. If your assessor has already contacted you, then you should know which level of support you’ve been approved for. This support is subsidised either partially or fully by the government. You might need to contribute financially too. It’s important to know how much the government will pay for and how much you will need to pay yourself. You can do an online test to estimate how much you might need to pay. Click here to do that test. 

How much do different service providers charge?

The next step is to assess different service providers. You can click here to search for service providers. To search, you will need to have the referral code which your assessor gave you. Find out how much your preferred suppliers charge. Ask how much they charge for:
  1. The particular services you need
  2. Care management
  3. Package management
Add these charges together to calculate the total cost. Compare this with your budget to determine which service providers you can afford. 

Find the right provider for you 

While you’re waiting for your MyAgedCare package to start, you should find your preferred service provider. As previously mentioned, cost is one factor to consider when doing your research. But, there are other things to think about too: 
  • Where is this provider? 
  • Do they have experience providing the kind of care I need?
  • What is their reputation and what are their values?
  • How long would I need to wait before I could access their services? 
Contact various service providers and ask your questions. Find the service provider who you feel most comfortable with. Start a conversation with them. Tell them where you are up to in the MyAgedCare process. That way, once you get access to your funding—you can get support quickly. 

Collect the information you need 

Once your funding has been finalised, you’re ready to arrange a service with your chosen provider. To do this, you will need to have certain information on hand: 
  1. The referral code your assessor gave you.
  2. Pre-commencement letter. This is given to you by MyAgedCare. It records how much the government will contribute to your care and how much you will pay.
  3. Your care plan. This is a document provided by your assessor, which documents the kind of support you need. Once you’ve chosen a care provider, they will work with you to create a more extensive care plan. 
Therefore, while you’re waiting to access support services, you can make certain preparations to ensure the rest of the process goes smoothly. Think about your budget, do some research about service providers, and collect the information you need.