Sheryll-Lee AKA Ducky the local artist has combined her two passions, art and helping the disadvantaged, to paint a new hobby with Just Better Care customers. Recently, the office engaged with Ducky, an Art Therapist, and the response so far has been exceptional. 

Fay, a Just Better Care customer who has Parkinson’s Disease said "Ducky was very good. I enjoyed it so much. Although I got more paint on myself than the canvas."

For the past 10 years, Ducky has helped young people living with a disability find work, but has hustled hard on the side as an artist.
“The great thing with art is we don’t need physical words to communicate. Art provides a voice to experiences and makes you feel good,” Sheryll-Lee said.

“I went back to study a Diploma of Art Therapy. I never envisaged this as a career. 

“Some days my customers will prefer to stick to the crafts rather than paint. It’s amazing to see the changing in attitude throughout the session.”

Art Therapy is proving another great tool to address barriers, build confidence and celebrate everyone’s own unique style. 

To see some of Ducky’s amazing work, visit