For the past two years, Paul’s life has been a whirlwind of appointments and long stays in hospital. The 63-year-old from the Gold Coast, now residing in Kings Beach, suffered a severe heart attack in 2018 which required a triple by-pass procedure. After a routine check-up in 2019, medical professionals noticed something was ‘very off’ with his right leg and strongly recommended an amputation.

“I was shocked when my doctor explained the situation, but I quickly gave them the green light to take my leg off,” Paul said.

Adjusting to life in a wheel chair has been particularly difficult for Paul – as he resides on one of Kings Beach’s hilliest streets.

“I can’t go anywhere without the assistance from my support worker Michaela,” he said. “With my current wheelchair, I’m very limited what I can do around town.”
Paul said his life was turned around when Michaela recommended he looked into Just Better Care and met Support Coordinator Kieren Trask.

“Kieren was a life saver when he came on board in March. I had very little idea about the NDIS and he made sure I was getting the best out of my plan.”

“Having that first point of call has been fantastic. Kieren has worked relentlessly to connect me to the right providers to support my goals. I’m very fortunate to have a strong team behind me now.”

Paul can’t wait to regain some of his independence, with a new mobility scooter expected to arrive this year – which will allow him to cruise down to the Kings Beach esplanade from home.

In the meantime, the former concrete truck driver plans to continue shopping, visit the beach, watch his great-nephew play football and go out for some pub meals with Michaela.

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