The 93-year-old, who lived in Africa for over 50 years, only took up art in his 90s and has enjoyed the journey of turning the clock back to the chapter of building a railway in Zimbabwe.

“We built a rail line from Central Zimbabwe down to the boarder, and it was the last wild animal stretch there,” Bob said.

“You could meet anyone of them on your way to work in the morning. That was a beautiful time in my life.

“It’s a way of talking through writing; illustrating everything that you went to – and that’s buried in here (his memory) – like it happened yesterday.

“I can think back to four years old. That was only 89 years ago.”

Throughout the month of February, Cooroy Library showcased his bedazzling collection of African animals featuring gorillas to lions, giraffes and more.

Bob’s proud wife Joy said the local community have flooded the former boiler maker with compliments.

“A number of people have been impressed with what’s there and particularly when I say to them he started this really seriously in his 90s and they say ‘really’,” Joy said.

Each picture can take Bob up to six months and it’s quite possible his perfectionist and imaginative traits have led to such outstanding final pieces.  

“It’s never good enough. There’s always a fault in it somewhere,” Bob said.

After struggles with delirium, Bob has joined Just Better Care with a home care package and Joy said it’s made all the difference to support them to continue living independently for as long as possible.

“It’s helped both of us. We’re so grateful,” Joy said.

“Before the package it was getting really hard and Bob was battling, so that makes two of us were battling.”

“It takes all the worries away from you,” Bob said.

“That’s the first thing: you can live comfortably without having to keep on worrying.”

Bob now accesses the community multiple times a week with a support worker, and Kristy, who is his Home Care Package Advisor, ensures he receives adequate care and resources to sustain his independence at home.

Switch your home care package today for Just Better Care by calling 5353 5111.