04 April 2019

Stand by me

Whether he is dreaming of going to the movies, or shredding the slopes in the snow, Christopher's Support Professionals from Just Better Care Hills to Hornsby are by his side through it all.

Would you brave your fear of heights to stay by the side of your companion? Or face the cold of the snow? Just Better Care customer, 31-year-old Christopher, can confidently say his team of supporters can and have been by his side through it all.

Christopher suffers from major depression, generalised anxiety disorder and severe obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD).

“Anxiety and OCD have made my life pretty difficult. It puts a stop to me doing a lot of things that other people my age would be doing,” Christopher said.

“With my generalised anxiety I worry about everything from whether something was turned off in the house to worrying about the safety of my Support Professionals and immediate family. Having someone there with me makes me feel more confident.”

Companions can come in many different forms – family, friends, supporters – and the bonds that we build can have a great impact on quality of life. Christopher is grateful to have found not one, but a group of companions in his Just Better Care support team.

For around 40 hours a week, several Support Professionals from Just Better Care Hills to Hornsby are by his side to provide social and personal support. The time spent together has allowed Christopher to form trusted relationships with his support workers, including Support Professional Claudia.

“We can talk about most things, and she really listens to me and takes an interest in my hobbies and passions. I feel at ease because I know there is no judgement – they accept and don’t question me for being myself,” he said.

He especially enjoys having a companion at the movies, so long as it’s an action or comedy.

“Claudia and I saw a thriller a while back, about a skyscraper. Little did I know that a guy would be hanging off the building for half the movie, and I’m afraid of heights and falling,” he said. “I was a bit clammy, and Claudia doesn’t like heights either and was feeling a bit the same way. We won’t be seeing that one again!”

The more Christopher achieves, the more he is willing to try. Next, he is planning a summer holiday to the beach with his support team. It follows a very successful trip to the snow in August 2018 with Emma, a snow-loving Support Professional who shredded the slopes alongside him.

“When I started planning the snow trip back in June, I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would find a support worker who liked the cold and snow. And I never thought that I would find someone who would be a snow buddy, let alone a skier or snowboarder,” he said.

From the snow, to the gym and movies, it’s social interaction that Christopher values highly. He says the support from Just Better Care helps him to participate in the activities he enjoys and builds his independence.

“It’s nice to have people who are so patient and calm around me. Who never rush me or ask me to hurry up. When they know you well and understand you, there is no issue with communication, it’s really good.”

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This article is from issue 7 of Possible Magazine. Read it here.