24 January 2019

Accessing support doesn’t need to be complicated

Emma, Mick and Craig pooled their knowledge, skills and community connections to support individuals in Western Victoria to access the best mix of care support services.

Behind Just Better Care Western Victoria is the story of three friends, with three distinct backgrounds, who enjoyed the same passion for community care.

16 months on, they’ve strengthened their ties to the community, building on an already impressive commitment to care with a solid team to support the region.

Everyone has brought a skill,” Mick said of the team. “We work well together, we bounce things off each other.” 

Husband and wife, Emma and Craig, along with friend Mick combined their various skill-sets and shared knowledge of the region in order to establish Just Better Care Western Victoria in their local Horsham community.

Emma came to the team with 20 years of experience in disability, and an incredible depth of knowledge to connect with customers. Mick has a background in community services, with specific skills in mental health. Craig works in the office on the financial side of things.

When the trio set out to find the right Support Professionals for their office, they looked for a similar commitment to care. “It was is so important that we have people who see the value in building relationships,” Mick said. 

“But we’re confident in our team. We’ve employed the right people and we’re very pleased with the way we’re heading.”

Now, Just Better Care Western Victoria has the equivalent of 37 full time staff, made up of about eight office staff and 110 field staff working in the Horsham community.

Mick says the team’s knowledge of the region, local support networks and backgrounds in community service has been a welcome change to the community when looking for support.

The team say that mixing with the community and having a staff culture of information sharing has been the best way to maintain a strong connection with our customer’s needs.

“We’re lucky to have an amazing team who help us get the job done.”

 This year, Just Better Care Western   Victoria were recognised by their   community when they walked away with   the Best Community Service award at   the Wimmera Business Awards.

 The team has also been honoured by   Just Better Care with an outstanding   customer service award.

 “Our goal, as always, is to provide quality     service -  our commitment has always   been to move people forward, and that’s   never going to change.”

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