19 March 2019

From strangers to friends

By identifying the social activities that his customers enjoy, Bram is connecting people in his community to new opportunities and friendships.

By identifying the social activities that his customers enjoy, Bram is connecting people in his community to new opportunities and friendships. As a result, he is seeing vast improvements in the wellbeing of his customers.
After recognising a gap in the market, Just Better Care Gold Coast owner Bram Baker opened a second franchise in Northern Rivers, north east of New South Wales, in mid-2018.
Bram saw an opportunity to provide tailored services to disability support customers in his community to aid their social health.
In a five-month period from June to October, Bram and his team have assisted more than 40 disability support customers with their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) packages, adding a personal touch to each.
“The NDIS has been operating in New South Wales for about two years now, providing essential funding to people with disability to ensure they can enjoy a full quality of life. But supporting these customers is about more than just getting support with day-to-day cleaning or transport,” Bram said.
With more than a decade spent working in the community care space, Bram continues to be at the vanguard of customer centric care, with the customer always front of mind.
He said the value of increasing a customer’s social interactions was priceless and by allowing customers to opt into this service, it has opened them up to a host of additional benefits and opportunities.
“Social connections and social wellbeing are important aspects of any person’s life. As such, we are showcasing the broad range of social options available to NDIS recipients and how they can assign part of their package to social outings.
A few months back, when our Support Advisors were putting together packages, they identified an opportunity to connect some customers together for regular events and activities,” he explained.
“As a result, some of our customers get together on a Thursday night to go out for dinner together. Each time, they choose a new restaurant to try out and share that experience with other people.
When people are in a group environment, they can feel more at ease and build their confidence to try other activities.
“We have a group of boys from the local Indigenous community who enjoy playing football, so we connected them to a local community team. We have other groups who participate in ceramics and art classes. It’s about identifying the customers’ interests and then giving them the option to join other individuals who enjoy the same activities.”
Increased confidence, mental and physical wellbeing, and new friends have been just a few of the positive outcomes of Bram’s approach.
We’re growing to meet the growing need

As the need for aged care and disability services increase in Australia, Just Better Care continues to open new franchises to better serve people in our communities. Officially opening in June 2018, Northern Rivers joins a growing list of new Just Better Care franchises.

In the past year, Just Better Care has opened franchises to support older people and people with disability in communities across Australia, including:

• Northern Rivers, NSW
• Mid North Coast, NSW
• Gippsland, VIC
• Melbourne Inner East, VIC
• Townsville, QLD
• Melbourne Bayside, VIC
• Canberra and South Coast NSW

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