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Possible starts with a few small steps

Posted: 8/10/2017 12:58 AM by Just Better Care
Possible starts with a few small steps Starting a fitness journey can be challenging; it involves changing comfortable patterns and holding oneself accountable. But David found there were more benefits to exercising than just losing weight.
For David, his weight loss journey started with a few simple steps. David’s support provider, Just Better Care encouraged him to start walking around the block and up and down his stairs three times during his service visit.
David weighed 180 kilograms at the time. David’s case manager organised a dietitian and a chef to develop weekly meal plans to improve David’s nutrition. Together, they formulated a plan for David to lose weight gradually and in such a way that the results were lasting.

Swimming was soon added to David’s fitness routine. This gentle form of exercise helped kick-start David’s weight loss while strengthening his abdominal muscles and boosting his self-confidence.
Through balanced food plans and an exercise regime, David began to reap the rewards of being healthy, like increased energy and a happier state of mind.
Being physically active opened David up to many new opportunities, and last year he gained the confidence to go surfing for the first time.
With hard work, determi­nation and support from his Just Better Care network, David dropped three sizes and now weighs 117.4 kilograms.

David’s decision to move forward with changing old habits gave him more motivation to make the most of his days and gave him the tools to lead a happier life. This new lease on life has taken David on adventures to the Great Barrier Reef, Jenolan Caves, Hunter Valley and the Great Ocean Road.
“A healthy lifestyle is so much more than just losing weight and being fit,” Just Better Care Northern Beaches and Mosman Operations Manager, Tracey Faets, said.
“David now enjoys his life to the fullest. He has a very dedicated team of staff and they are all excited for him to be meeting his goals. He has come so far and we are so proud of his achievements.”
David continues to set new goals and step outside his comfort zone to pursue the life he wants.                               

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