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When one door closes, the Just Better Care door opens

Posted: 3/15/2017 10:43 PM by Just Better Care
When one door closes, the Just Better Care door opens Changing career paths can be a tough job, especially when the change is forced upon you.

In 2012, Sydney resident Robert Horspool celebrated his fiftieth birthday. He also lost his job. This sudden change was a difficult time in Robert’s life, which he now reflects on reverently.

After finishing school, Robert worked for a bank in a number of branches, before being moved to the bank’s computer department. When the computer operations were taken over by another company, Robert seized the opportunity to train as a computer programmer and began working in software development.

The operations were soon overtaken by yet another company, and Robert remained working there until he took up a position with a technology company.

When Robert was retrenched in 2012, a career he had spent almost 30 years building, he didn’t know what to do. He was highly skilled in his field, but the competition was fierce.

He spent the following three years looking for work in the IT industry to no avail. The longer he spent looking for a software development job, the less likely it seemed he would find one.

Robert decided his time would be better spent investing in re-skilling for a career in the growing aged care industry, which led to his enrolment in a Certificate III Individual Support TAFE course.

With an ageing Australian population and increasing demand for care workers, the aged care industry promised Robert a safe and secure career path. When he graduated in mid-2016, Robert was eager to commence work straight away.

While strolling through a TAFE job market, Robert’s enthusiasm and warm nature captured the attention of in-home care provider, Just Better Care. Much to the delight of both parties, Robert commenced work with the care provider shortly after.

“I now have a wonderful job where I can work with people to make their lives easier,” Robert said.

“My days are filled with providing assistance to people, supporting them to lead independent lives, while satisfying my desire to help other people.”

Through Just Better Care’s professional development and training programs, Robert can continue to develop and expand his workforce skills, while enjoying a job where his skills are needed.

If you are looking to pursue a rewarding career that helps to make people’s everyday lives better, contact Just Better Care today.


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