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A life dedicated to her community

Posted: 11/13/2018 7:00 PM by Just Better Care
A life dedicated to her community Daily taxi rides are an unavoidable reality for active and busy people living with a physical disability. But these daily costs can become expensive, particularly for those who may not have a regular income due to their condition.

Fed-up with the small subsidy offered by the government, Jordana Goodman, a disability advocate affected by hereditary spastic paraplegia, decided to do something about it.

Drawing on her experience working in government, and the unique perspective provided by her own physical disability, Jordana became involved in the re-evaluation of the State Government’s
Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme.

By sharing her story, Jordana was able to have some influence on the subsidy provided to people living with physical disability in New South Wales, with participants now refunded a maximum of $60 for their trip, up from $30 in 2016.

“I believe true integration is only achieved when people with a disability start seeing their contribution as valuable, and that their experience of disability provides a useful insight that will shape the future for others like them,” Jordana said.

While this is one of Jordana’s proudest achievements, she’s dedicated her entire career in government to improving the inclusivity of people with disability in her
local community.

Despite recent retirement from paid work due to her deteriorating condition, she continues to be an active voice for the disability community, volunteering regularly for local councils and
organisations on Sydney’s North Shore.

“Advocating for people with disability has seen an overall improvement in the accessibility of our local community, with the relocation of a bus stop, increased access to GP clinics and a greater public understanding of how to hold disabilityfriendly events,” Jordana added.

There’s no doubt her achievements have made a huge impact, but not just for those living with physical disability, as Just Better Care Northern Suburbs franchise owner, Vera, can attest.

“Jordana is one of a kind. Every time I see her she is rushing off to one of her many commitments. It’s incredibly inspiring to see her ongoing dedication to creating an environment that is welcoming for people from all walks of life,” Vera said.

“She is a constant source of light for us here at Just Better Care. We are very lucky to be able to support her and the work she does, no matter how small our contribution may be. She is one special lady!”

Jordana receives support from Just Better Care Northern Suburbs to assist in managing her rare condition.

“I spent the first 35 years of my life thinking I had cerebral palsy. A basic medical check-up led to further investigation and a new diagnosis that explained my gradual decline. Just Better Care Northern Suburbs supports me as my condition develops over time, managing my NDIS funds and providing services that facilitate my independence,” Jordana said.

With this support, Jordana plans on continuing to advocate for the disability community, working closely with the people in Artarmon NSW to ensure their voices are heard.

To find out more about the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme, visit

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