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A care-er for life: Meet Ian

Posted: 11/13/2018 12:47 AM by Just Better Care
A care-er for life: Meet Ian Just over 90 per cent of home care workers spend more than one year in the profession, with almost 70 per cent spending four years or more in their roles (The Aged Care Workforce, Department of Health, 2016). Ian, a Support Professional at Just Better Care Eastern Suburbs, has worked in the industry for seven years, and show no signs of slowing down.

Reliable, honest, trustworthy and caring. These are the key attributes you need for a long career in community care, says Just Better Care Support Professional Ian.

And with a career spanning seven years, he would know. Working at the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West franchises, Ian says pursuing a career in community care was the best decision he’s made.

“On my first day, it felt like I had finally found what I was meant to do. And I’ve loved every minute since,” he said. Finding a valuable and worthwhile career, where he could have a positive impact on other people’s lives, was something Ian dreamed of as a child, but he didn’t find it right away.

Ian owned a cleaning business before joining Just Better Care. He said that while he worked very hard in his previous role, something was lacking. Ian longed for the opportunity to
interact and connect with others through his work.

Working as a Support Professional has given Ian this satisfaction and allowed him to fulfil his promise to make a real difference.

“I remember thinking about this type of job when I was younger. I knew I could help people by working in this kind of industry,” he said.

“Working with people is fantastic, because you get to share their journey with them. We
support our customers to be as independent as possible, so it’s often about working with them
and guiding them so they build up strength and confidence.”

Just Better Care has helped Ian develop professionally and personally. He holds Certificate
III in Aged Care. Ian said his customers have taught him to relate to people easier and given
him an increased sense of confidence.

“It’s funny because I’m there to support them and help make a difference in their lives, but
they often have no idea what a difference it makes to mine.

“Every day when I finish work, I feel so happy. And it motivates me to do it all again the next day,
or at least for as long as possible.”

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