17 December 2018

Inside Possible

Our latest issue of Possible explores the theme of 'connectedness'. As 'life is better when we share it', this issue sees us consider the individual ways in which we maintain our connections with people, passions and communities.

Connectedness. It’s a feeling of belonging. It’s meeting new friends for dinner, visiting your favourite shop or café, joining an art class, playing soccer, road trips to the beach, going to the movies, writing letters to your family.

It’s about staying connected to the people, groups and activities you enjoy, to make the most out of every day. Life is better when we share it.

So how do you get connected? In this issue of Possible, we hear from Just Better Care customer Emma, as she discusses the art of non-verbal communication. As someone who has experienced firsthand both the challenges and opportunities, Emma offers her tips and advice.

“Like everyone, we have highs and lows”. Emma’s mum Carolyn shares her experience as full-time carer for her daughter; the struggles, the wins, the frustrations and the pure joy. She speaks candidly about how her life changed, and why she is thankful every day, to be blessed with Emma.

Can social connectedness improve my mental wellbeing? Head to page 9, where we
discuss the link between social connections and mental health, and how you can get more involved in your community and the activities you enjoy.

Sometimes, circumstances prevent people from engaging in their regular activities, and we
offer ways to overcome this. Social connections and social wellbeing are important
aspects of any person’s life, says Just Better Care Gold Coast owner Bram Baker. After recently
opening the new Northern Rivers franchise in New South Wales,

Bram has made it his mission to increase social opportunities for his disability support customers. As a result, some of his customers get together weekly for dinner, dining at a new restaurant each week, while others have joined a local football team and
ceramics class.

For 91-year-old Margaret, she finds connectedness through her weekly trip to the library. Once a week, Margaret accesses social support through her Support Professional, Sue. After sharing stories from her younger years about her love of adventure, Margaret and Sue decided to take a road trip to one of Margaret’s favourite places.

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