24 January 2019

Celebrating a decade of working with local communities, providing choice and control

As Just Better Care Gold Coast celebrates its 10th birthday, Director and Owner, Bram Baker, reflects on a decade of adapting to the care needs of his unique community.

Bram Baker has seen many changes in 10 years. The Just Better Care Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Director and Owner said its been the process of listening, adapting and learning from each voice in his community, that has ensured his offices' strong connections to their regions. 

Bram first entered the support industry over 10 years ago. At the time, he was caring for his late mother. He remembers feeling frustrated by the lack of appropriate facilities and support available.

“I thought the services available were inadequate,” he said. “Mum ended up in a hospital because there was nowhere for me to support her with quality one-on-one care.”

Bram was impressed by what he had learnt about the Just Better Care support model and decided to open an office of his own. 

 It was an experience that inspired a decade of       quality personalised care.

  “Accepting that there are different ways of life     and adapting to that is so important,” he said.     “Every customer is different, and we have a     responsibility to be flexible.”

 In the last 10 years Bram has seen positive             changes in his community. The difference, Bram   said, is that people are now more empowered to   seek out the best services.

For example, he is seeing more requests for support from baby-boomers, who have different needs to his older customer base.

“Individuals want more choice and control - they choose the type, date and time of the support they believe is right for them.”

Bram said working in a community whose needs consistently evolve, leads to better and more appropriate care. It was this attitude that led Bram to begin working with more diverse communities across to the Northern Rivers in 2017.

A unique attribute of Northern Rivers is its close ties with the local Indigenous community.
Bram said his staff have taken the time to get to know the community. 

 A key part of this has included hiring support professionals from the local Indigenous                   community to work, and better understand the issues around their care needs.

“It’s really important that we take the time to sit and talk with our Indigenous customers about what support they need. It’s important to allow time for personal connection.”
Today, Just Better Care Gold Coast and Northern River’s 160 support workers assist over 800 customers, including 70 NDIS customers.

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