24 January 2019

The best care starts with a conversation  

Just Better Care Brisbane South and East Owner, Oday says he’s lucky to have a job where he gets to spend time in the community, making meaningful connections and working to improve the lives of individuals.

Just Better Care Brisbane South and East Owner, Oday, started his office with a vision to make a positive impact in his local community through support and personalised service.

With a background in disability and a genuine interest in people, Oday finds a connection with every customer. This is one of the parts of the job he relishes.

“For me, I’ve always enjoyed helping people. It comes naturally to me and is the best part of my job”.

“I take it personally,” he said. “It’s the thing that keeps me going.”   

He said that it is important that individuals feel like there is someone they can talk to, especially as home-care packages become more self-directed and individualised.

With so many care paths, Oday said there’s a need to go to communities, meet with individuals, and guide them through their care options.

“Getting support can be a big transition for some – people can feel as though they are losing independence – so you need to make sure the individual and their family feel comfortable,” he said.

 Oday said visiting local mosques and churches, speaking   at community events, and sitting down with families to   discuss the needs of older members in his community is a   huge part of understanding the community’s care needs.

 The outcome is individualised care plans that consider         individual needs.

 Oday says it’s these person-centred services that ensure   customers are getting Just Better Care.

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