01 June 2017

​Overcoming adversity with a helping hand

When nurse Alyson Shale severely injured her wrists in a car accident, she thought she would never work again. With a helping hand from Just Better Care, Alyson found a path to possible.

People in the care industry come from all walks of life.

Some support professionals come from a background in truck driving, others from the IT industry, and all are welcomed by Just Better Care.

The one thing Just Better Care support professionals have in common is a passion for supporting other people.

“We are fortunate to have fantastic staff, all of which have a history that makes them ideal for this line of work,” Mornington franchise owner Duane Letson said.

“It is more than a pay check, it’s a calling, and we often find the people who have had the hardest lives, have the biggest hearts.”

Alyson Shale was a passionate nurse before a car accident in late 2013 left her with severe injuries to her wrist. The accident resulted in three surgeries over six months to fix plate and screws to her left wrist and reattach ligaments and tendons.

Born and raised in Mornington, Alyson had worked for numerous residential aged care and community nursing organisations across the Peninsula, but due to the nature of her injuries, she thought she would never work again.

 “Nursing is my life. After returning to my previous role after the accident, I quickly realised I could not maintain the lifting that the job required, especially long term,” Alyson said.

“I thought I was going to have to give nursing away, which devastated me.

 “I was encouraged by the Transport Accident Commission to find something I could do, and that’s when I discovered Just Better Care.”

Duane wasn’t deterred by Alyson’s time away from work, but was instead inspired by her community-mindedness, and drive to pursue her career goals.

“She was very nervous during the interview, and was honest that she hadn’t worked in some time, but her enthusiasm and dedication shone through,” Duane said.

 “When I phoned her a few days later, she thought the call was a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ call. We invited her in to discuss her injuries, and tailored a plan that would allow her to undertake work with us as she recovered.”

Together they formulated a work plan that would enable a safe and suitable environment for Alyson and her customers.

“I am finally embracing the positive that has come out of a challenging time in my life,” Alyson said.

“I am still facing further treatment on my neck and two years of regular hand therapy to gain strength, but with the support of Duane and the team, I am getting there.

 “I have an amazing work-life balance and work for a company that really treat you like family, not just an employee.
“This job allows me to continue doing what I love, which is making a difference to people’s lives.”

Possible starts with people like Alyson.