21 October 2019

Townsville is Tickled Pink by “Josh of all Trades”

Townsville has everything from agriculture, to production and trade. That makes it the right town for Joshua.

They say you’re not a local until you’ve lived up here for 25 years,” says Joshua, a Townsville local since 1988. “I’d say I’ve earned the title of local by now,” he laughs.
Considered the capital of North Queensland by its inhabitants, Townsville is a historic city and the largest urban centre north of Brisbane. A sprawling city, it’s known for its beautiful natural icons and its access to the Great Barrier Reef.
Townsville has everything from agriculture, to production and trade. That makes it the right town for Joshua, who considers himself a “Josh of all trades”.
Joshua has had not one, but many careers. From real estate to retail and a stint as a wheelchair taxi driver, he is now a Community Support Professional, care worker trainer and computer technician.
You could say he’s tried his hand at a few things. After leaving retail, Joshua took a working holiday driving taxis, often with passengers with wheelchairs.
“I got a reputation for looking after my customers and had people booking me in for appointments,” says Joshua. “So, I took the leap. I did a course in nursing assistance through AustCare, and here I am.”
“To me, customer service and support work require the same skill set. You get to know your customers for the people they are, not the job you are doing for them.”
Joshua is in his second year of being a Community Support Professional with Just Better Care Townsville. He is a man in high demand.
“I’m an extrovert in every way. I haven’t focused my life on one thing, I’ve been able to do many things,” Joshua says, happily. “I can’t help it, it’s who I am.”
“One thing I’ve learned along the way – and something I tell my students – is that if you can come up with five different topics to initiate conversation with a stranger, you’re bound to learn something.”
As a male Support Professional in a female-dominated industry, Joshua takes pride in his point of difference and the breadth of general knowledge he offers customers.
“If five years ago you had asked me if I ever thought about being a Support Professional, I would’ve laughed” he says. “But here I am; I think I’ve found my calling.”

Finding time around a busy work schedule, Joshua takes his irrepressible attitude to community work in Townsville. A member of the Lions Club for five years, he also runs a youth program with St Vincent de Paul.
At home, his consuming passion is vintage cars. Between his brother and father, who all love vintage British cars, they own eight MINIS and three Aston Martins.
At six foot three, Joshua is instantly recognisable on the streets of Townsville in his fluoro pink MINI. Subject to many a bemused look, plenty of waves and sometimes a cheer, he’s never one to blush – and always one to stand out.
“I’ve seen Townsville grow up from a sleepy town to a busy city,” he chuckles. “These days I can’t walk down the street without people recognising me.”
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