19 September 2017

Importance of healthcare choices in your community

After working in community care programs together for many years, Emma Cook and Mick Clark were eager to break-away from antiquated models of support services and provide assistance local customers required, and wanted.

After working in community care programs such as youth, family services, disability and mental health supports together in Horsham for many years, Emma Cook and Mick Clark were eager to establish their own local business and provide assistance local customers required, and wanted.

After researching their options, Emma and Mick chose to franchise with Just Better Care, recently opening the Western Victoria franchise.

For over 20 years Emma has managed, developed and implemented health services in Wimmera, including early years, youth services and disability support services. Surprisingly however, it’s not the career path Emma initially considered.

“I was too young to join the police force,” Emma said.

“I had to fill in some time before I would be eligible. I took up a disability course, and 21 years later I’m still working in the industry.”

Although they have both been responsible for a number of programs as mentioned earlier, Emma’s speciality is disability and Mick’s is mental health.

The long-time friends decided the best way they could serve their community was to own and operate their own aged care and disability support service.

“We had looked at others but Just Better Care lives up to their motto; it’s great that they work towards making things possible for others,” Emma said.

Mick believes the best thing about owning a franchise is being a part of your own community and making a difference to that community.

“I know you can do that working for someone else but we certainly have more options for providing the support our customers need through the framework offered with Just Better Care,” Mick said.

And it’s not only Emma and Mick who appreciate the possibilities Just Better Care can offer.

“We’ve had people say that it’s great to have a variety of options and choices when it comes to accessing care and support,” Mike said.

“That comes from people in our community, and the local health services industry.”

With their expertise, wealth of knowledge and passion for helping other people, Emma and Mick are not providing ‘just’ better care; they are facilitating healthcare choices for their community.

“It’s about giving people different choices and opportunities” Mick said.

“We’ve got a passion for providing people with the best opportunities in life, we’re advocates for them.”

If you would like to know more about Just Better Care franchising opportunities take the time to find out more and get started today.