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01 September 2020

Top 5 Group Exercises for Seniors

The Ekka westerly’s have died down and the warmer weather is just around the corner so why not consider a new, gentle group activity to get out and about?

Many of these activities are available in our local area, at community halls and private businesses, and you will be sure to find like-minded folks out for some social connection as well as to get their body moving.

Tai Chi - is a gentle Eastern exercise that can provide benefits including flexibility and muscle strengthening.  There are no special equipment needs to commence Tai Chi so look for a local group or even a DVD from the local library.

Yoga – there are many forms of Yoga to suit all fitness levels, including chair-based yoga if you are not too steady on your feet.  The benefits from a regular yoga practice do not only improve your body, they can also improve your mind with reduced stress and anxiety being a common side effect.  Classes are prolific in most neighbourhoods and there are even free classes held outdoors by Moreton Bay Regional Council from time to time.

Walking Group – there are many groups based in our community that have regular, organized walks; new walkers of all fitness levels are always welcome.  Ask around your friends and family for a recommendation, start your own group, or try the Heart Foundation website at

Pilates – traditional Pilates is a low-impact activity originally created to rehabilitate wounded WW1 soldiers.  It looks to improve core strength, balance and posture using resistance from your own body weight, a stretchy band and ring, or a more advanced level Pilates reformer machine.

Aquatic exercise – the warm water of an exercise pool provides a low-impact and low-weight bearing way to exercise, reducing the risk of injury, stress on the joints and importantly, reducing the risk of falls.  Regular aquatic exercise can lead to improved muscle mass, increased strength and general fitness, as well as being an effective way to recover from injury.  Many local swimming pools have organized classes for differing ages and fitness levels.

Importantly, before embarking on any type of new physical activity please consider if it is appropriate for you and have a chat to your GP.

Getting out and about is a big part of life, and our team can support you in being part of the activities and events that matter to you. At Just Better Care Brisbane North and CBD we offer a range of services, from companionship to transport, to help you attend work, volunteer commitments, social outings, family gatherings, recreational activities, community events and more.  We can provide support for just a few hours, or on a regular basis.  It’s up to you.

Susanne Jones
Managing Director
Just Better Care Brisbane North and CBD