Companies that understand the importance of a strong workplace culture will always attract and retain the best staff.

Those who are best at it recognise that a good company culture is more than just a competitive salary or a clear career pathway.

However for those looking to buy into a brand – whether as an employee or as a franchisee - it’s not always easy to determine whether the business you are looking to join genuinely appreciates and values those who work for it.
Recruitment firm Michael Page says there are many aspects to keeping employees satisfied and motivated, with an open approach to working conditions one of the most important.

 Lifestyle Benefits

While salary and superannuation schemes will help attract staff initially, increasingly employees are attracted by the additional ‘lifestyle benefits’ that good employers include as part of a salary package.  
Typically these involve ways to create a healthier work and life balance with options including flexible hours, work-from-home possibilities and study day opportunities.
Mentoring schemes and training days are another great way to reinforce the fact that an organisation is committed to ensuring its employees feel appreciated.
Michael Page says that aside from growing the team’s strength, offering mentoring options and developing internal talent also helps make staff feel more secure in their work as the company sees fit to invest in the long term.
Allowing employees at every level to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns with their employer is another incentive good employers use to help foster a healthy company culture.

Finding the Balance

No one is suggesting that lower-level staff need to have their say on every board-level decision, having structured feedback strategies in place helps employers to keep a close eye on employee satisfaction levels and make appropriate changes when and if challenges arise.

Another method to consider when looking to find an employer committed to ensuring its workforce feel seen, valued and respected is to make time for social events outside of the office. Michael Page says balancing business activities with a healthy social calendar not only helps different teams bond but is also great for staff morale.