Mary John is one of many Just Better Care Support Workers who have found their true calling by initially caring for a loved one. With experience in everything from business college to pharmacies and reception, at 55 years old Mary recognised she had potential that she felt was unfulfilled. That was when fate intervened, she says.


“My daughter lives with mental illness, but about nine years ago she became very ill. So I left my full-time position to be her carer.” 


Not content with only looking after her daughter, Mary additionally took on the role of caring for the brother of a neighbour. That’s where she learnt many of the ropes required for support work.


“Reg lived with dementia. I started out by doing his shopping, cooking his meals and doing his washing. I ended up taking him to all appointments and looking after his bills.” 


Eventually Reg needed 24-hour care that Mary couldn’t offer, and her daughter recovered with no need for ongoing assistance. But it was these two experiences that uncovered what Mary had been searching for –– her purpose. At the age of 59, she joined Just Better Care. 


This story isn’t an uncommon one. In fact, many Support Workers start their career by looking after a loved one. It’s through the process that they realise how capable they are and the emotional benefit of empowering people with dignity and respect. All they have to do is transfer their skills to benefit the community. 


In fact, Just Better Care respects and supports this important career pathway with the backing of a local office, Employee Assistance Programs to look after mental health, weekly pay, and the ability to grow careers.


“Just Better Care put me through a thorough orientation, trained me and helped me gain the skills required for the role. I never looked back!” says Mary. 


In fact, Mary went on to do a Certificate III in disability and aged care in the community. And while the job may be less personal than caring for family, it’s no less emotional. 


“I have had many clients that I have formed a wonderful bond with. You become a part of the family when you have regular clients. You put a smile on their face and make a difference to their lives. This is the most rewarding job I have ever had.”


Her only regret? 
 “I wish I had started this type of work earlier in life. There are so many people out there that need us.” 


If you are thinking of making the transition from family carer to Support Worker, we are here to help. You can talk to your local Just Better Care office about flexible roles. Your skills are important to us, and we know that the community will thank you. Plus, it’s easy to get started, simply apply now