As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the in-home support industry is witnessing a growing demand for culturally competent care. For Support Workers, cultural competency is no longer an optional skill; it is a crucial aspect of providing respectful and effective care to customers from diverse backgrounds.


At Just Better Care, we recognise the importance of inclusivity and are committed to equipping our workforce with the necessary skills and tools to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.


The importance of cultural competency


Cultural competency within the in-home support industry involves understanding and respecting the cultural differences, beliefs, and values of customers. This is essential in delivering personalised support that respects each customer’s unique background. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 30.7 percent of the Australian population was born overseas, and many of these individuals are aging and require support services. This diverse demographic underscores the need for Support Workers to be culturally aware and sensitive.


Culturally competent support fosters trust, improves communication, and enhances the overall wellbeing of customers. For Support Workers, understanding cultural nuances can significantly impact the effectiveness of care and the satisfaction of customers.


Enhancing cultural awareness and sensitivity


To provide culturally competent care, Support Workers can adopt several strategies:


1.             Education and training: Engage in ongoing education about different cultures, including their customs and healthcare practices. Just Better Care offers training courses on diversity and inclusion, ensuring our Support Workers are well-equipped to meet the needs of customers.

2.             Active listening: Pay close attention to customers’ preferences and needs. Active listening demonstrates respect and helps in understanding the specific cultural context of each customer.

3.             Open communication: Encourage open dialogue with customers and their families about cultural preferences and expectations. This can help in tailoring care plans that align with their cultural values. Each Just Better Care office is experienced in the cultural needs of its local community.

4.             Reflective practice: Regularly reflect on personal biases and assumptions. Self-awareness is a critical component of cultural competency, allowing Support Workers to approach each customer with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

5.             Cultural immersion: Whenever possible, immerse yourself in different cultural experiences. This can provide valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the cultural backgrounds of customers.


Just Better Care's commitment to diversity and inclusion


At Just Better Care, we pride ourselves on our diverse workforce, to support our diverse customer base.


As part of our commitment to diversity & inclusivity, we have recently launched a suite of specialised online training programs to support cultural awareness. They are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of our Support Workers, ensuring they are well-prepared to deliver high-quality care which respects the cultural needs of their customers.


Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy states: “Just Better Care Australia and its franchise network is committed to ensuring a supportive workplace that respects and values diversity of all employees, customers, their families and other stakeholders.”


Just Better Care is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment, where people feel safe, valued and respected at all times.