Every day, in a million different ways, Just Better Care team members motivate and inspire our customers and their families to realise their goals. Each year Just Better Care stages its National Possible Awards in recognition of our people’s incredible achievements. This year we received over 532 nominations from customers, family members and staff.


National Support Worker – Tommy (Dat) Vu

Tommy is what many would describe as a natural born carer.


He joined our Canberra team in July 2022 and from day one has been one of Just Better Care’s greatest success stories.


Equally popular with customers as he is with colleagues, Tommy wins them over with his infectious smile and kind, nurturing disposition. No wonder his work schedule is always full as customers and brokers alike vie to secure the opportunity to have him provide their supports.


Those who are fortunate enough to have Tommy on their team say he absolutely loves his job, a fact that is evident in everything he does.


Having arrived at Just Better Care with a lived experience of a family member with a disability, Tommy approaches his work with a quiet confidence. However, he never hesitates to ask questions in situations where he requires further clarification. 


With a clear commitment to his role, Tommy constantly requests access to additional training to ensure his customers enjoy the full benefit of his experience and know-how.


National Office Staff – Lily Holdsworth

Affording customers dignity and respect is hugely important in the home care sector. A factor clearly prioritised by Lily, a Home Care Package Advisor at Just Better Care Sunshine Coast.


Local Franchise Owner, Tony Sandy, says “what really makes her the best in her field is that building deep connections is something that comes very easily to Lily.”


From aiding an elderly man’s recovery and independence after a fall, to assisting a couple in crafting an inclusive home environment for their special-needs child, Lily is renowned within Just Better Care for consistently transforming customer aspirations into reality, Tony says.


“She invests time in understanding individual needs, preferences, and goals, creating trust and empathy. This personalised approach ensures that her care plans are tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.”


Christine Moore, family member of a Just Better Care customer, credits Lily for affording her “the privilege” of being able to look after her Mum and Dad at home.
 Lily touches base regularly to make sure all parties are doing okay and to enquire if anything is needed.


“When I do need something, she is quick to ensure this need is met. Lily always responds quickly to any messages or requests. She is an absolute professional angel, and I cannot thank her enough for the amazing support she gives,” Christine says.


But it’s not just customers who benefit from Lily’s creative problem-solving abilities, strong networking skills and commitment to her work.
 Her colleagues describe her as a warm and approachable team player.


“Lily’s ability to collaborate and uplift her team members is truly exceptional. She willingly shares her insights, experiences, and innovative strategies, creating an environment where everyone benefits from her expertise.”
 “Her willingness to mentor and support her colleagues contributes significantly to the growth and effectiveness of our team. Lily’s positive attitude, coupled with her collaborative spirit, makes her an invaluable asset.”


 Case Manager
 Just Better Care Melbourne Bayside & South East Melbourne 
 Community Support Professional 
 Just Better Care Hills to Hornsby

 Champion of Just Better Care Values in 2023
 Just Better Care Melbourne North West & Melbourne Inner East
 Champion of Just Better Care Values in 2023
 Just Better Care Brisbane North CBD & Brisbane Outer North
 Most Outstanding Team Player of 2023
 Just Better Care Mid North Coast
 Most Outstanding Team Player of 2023
 Just Better Care Western Victoria
 Role Model & Mentor of 2023
 Just Better Care Mid North Coast
 Role Model & Mentor of 2023
 Just Better Care Hawkesbury Nepean & Blue Mountains
 Most Inspiring Customer Story of 2023
 Just Better Care Eastern Suburbs Group
 Most Inspiring Customer Story of 2023
 Just Better Care Gippsland
 Safety Champion of 2023
 Just Better Care Brisbane North CBD & Brisbane Outer North
 Commitment to Training & Development for 2023
 Just Better Care Hawkesbury Nepean & Blue Mountains



Rebecca Harris, General Manager – People & Culture from Just Better Care Australia said “On behalf of our entire team, we would like to congratulate all finalists and winners in the 2023 National Possible Awards.”


“We wish to publicly acknowledge all the incredible work you do to ensure you continuously raise the bar when it comes to best practice. Thank you for your wonderful efforts in striving to uphold the Just Better Care ethos.”