The web platform that was developed by professional services firm Deloitte along with Accessible Beaches Australia provides an array of information on various levels of accessibility across each state.

Beaches are given a mark out of five stars, depending on their rate of accessibility, with listings including whether the beach has accessible beach mattings, beach wheelchair availability, accessible parking, pathways or toilets, or is nearby to retail stores. A click will then inform of current conditions and provide a more detailed rundown.

Accessible Beaches Australia Founder and Chair, Shane Hryhorec, said project leaders understand that information empowers people. “The more information we can provide about accessibility to Australian beaches for people with disabilities, the better equipped those people will be to know if that beach is appropriate for them or not. Information is power. They won’t go if they don’t have it or don’t know.”

There are a lot of considerations for people with disabilities when going to the beach, Hryhorec said. “You don’t just have to think of towels and sunscreen and the best beach with the best surf, but also whether it will be possible to access that beach and what equipment and tools might be needed. If it becomes too hard, then inclusivity at the beach just won’t happen.”

The program looks to help reduce the barriers for visiting the beach, as it is such a major element of Australian culture and the right of all of us.

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