Filling up the car can be a challenge for drivers living with disability, especially

when fuel stations are manned by only one person, and so unable to provide help for security reasons. Called FuelService, the app helps drivers living with disability by allowing them to find and ask fuel stations if they can assist before they go to the trouble of driving there.

A fully managed cloud-based solution that doesn’t require the fuel station to install or maintain any equipment, it works with the existing telephone in the station for communication. Once the driver arrives at the station, the app allows the driver to notify the attendant of their arrival and at which fuel pump they are

parked. Drivers use either a smartphone app or an interactive phone call system to find and contact fuel stations.

Apco Service Stations Directors Robert and Peter Anderson are proud to be rolling out the FuelService app, which has already been successfully adopted across Europe, North America and Canada. “This app is a game changer for the community. Providing equity of access to simple actions is one way that Apco can be more inclusive in the service it provides,” they said.

Apco began trialling the app in three Geelong locations, North Geelong, Newcomb and Grovedale in September 2021, and has since rolled it out across all of its 26 sites in VIC and NSW.

“We want to share this news with the community as a wide call-out to drivers living with disability in the hope that we may assist them going forward by removing the hassle of the petrol station process for them,” the Andersons said. “We look forward to assisting the wide community of drivers with a disability and providing a more inclusive and respectful service.”