Support Workers dedicate their lives to vulnerable members of our community. They are out making positive change every day to individuals and families, and these front-line workers deserve to be celebrated for their contribution.  

In a 2023 survey of job satisfaction in the disability support workforce, 80 percent of all Support Workers selected the positive impact they have on customers lives as their primary motivator. However, when asked what would improve job satisfaction, better recognition was cited as a key driver alongside greater learning opportunities.  


At Just Better Care, we seek to both enable and recognise the achievements of our Support Workers every day. This is done not just to celebrate their hard work and dedication, but to ensure that they know they are valued within our organisation, the support industry, and communities too.  

That’s why 79 percent of our people say that they are happy with the workplace culture at Just Better Care, compared to 64 percent at other healthcare providers 

Here are some of the ways that we recognise the achievements of our Support Workers.  


National Possible Awards 

The national Just Better Care Possible Awards is to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Just Better Care employees who assistmotivate, and inspire our customers to reach their goals. They are the ones who make possible happen.  

 In 2023, we received over 532 nominations from customers, family members and staff. As Rebecca Harris, General Manager – People & Culture from Just Better Care Australia said“We wish to publicly acknowledge all the incredible work our team do to ensure they continuously raise the bar when it comes to best practice. Thank you for your wonderful efforts in striving to uphold the Just Better Care ethos.” 

You can read more about the 2023 awards here: 

You can nominate a Support Worker for 2024 here: 


Industry recognition 

There are many industry awards and celebrations that showcase the impact of Support Workers. These play a vital role in raising awareness for the contributions that Support Workers have in upholding community health and wellbeing. Industry awards are especially important when engaging stakeholders such as healthcare organisations, government, industry, and media. It’s also an opportunity for Support Workers to be recognised by peers and customers for their achievements.  

 Examples of industry recognition include: 

  • National Carers Week is an opportunity to raise community awareness among all Australians about the diversity of carers and their caring roles. It’s an important week-long event to raise awareness using #NationalCarersWeek and includes fundraisers, morning teas, and workshops. The organisation also provides carer resources. Learn more at: 

  • Carer of the Year Award is hosted by the Continence Foundation of Australia. It aims to recognise outstanding Support Workers and carers who often provide bowel and bladder care. The winner of the Carer of the Year Award receives a prize of $1,000 at a national conference. Read more at: 

  • The Disability Sector Awards is proudly hosted by the National Disability Leadership Organisation (NDLO) with a gala held on the first night of the largest disability and NDIS-related event in Australian history, the Disability Connection Expo. It aims to recognise the incredible work of individuals, organisations, and advocates within each state. Discover more at: 


Employee Assistance Program  

While it’s important to recognise the achievements of Support Workers, it’s also vital to make sure that they feel safe, healthy, and supported every day, not just on special occasions. That’s why at Just Better Care, we have an incredible free Employee Assistance Program, delivered by Converge International. 


Our Employee Assistance Program is available for all team members as well as their families. They can engage the program at any time to ensure that they are looking after their health and wellbeing.  


Flexible, convenient, and confidential counselling can cover a broad range of personal and work-related issues. There are also career specialists who can help with practical skills to support career development and planning.  


At Just Better Care, we know that Support Workers are the backbone of our community. That’s why we strive to ensure that they are recognised for the incredible contribution that they make to Australian society and are supported every step of their career.  


Do you know a friend or family member who may be a good fit for Support Work? We would love to have a chat with them. You can learn more about being a Just Better Care Support Worker here: