The new diverse characters are part of an updated ‘Friends’ product range, which the company said better reflected kids’ real-life experiences through play.

Whats the set?

The set features characters that have multiple skin tones, cultures and physical disabilities, including characters with limb differences and Down Syndrome, alongside a dog with a wheelchair.
There are also a number with non-visible disabilities and neurodiversity. One character named Paisley is described by the brand as someone who “sometimes struggles with anxiety”. Another character, which the Danish toy manufacturer has named Jordin, has vitiligo – which gives her skin different-coloured pigments.
In announcing the new characters, Lego said the launch of the range answered a call for change that real kids desire to see in their toys and the content they watch.

 Inclusivity Matters

"New characters feel, express, and acknowledge a range of emotions similar to those of today’s kids, helping them relate to and explore their mental well-being through play," the company noted.
The company said it hoped that the re-imagined Lego Friends Universe would help children become better friends with themselves and others while providing emotional and social development through play – so that children can “better understand individuality, diversity, and the modern world”.
Following its popular mantra that ‘Lego play is for everyone’, Lego has also joined as a member of UK organisation, Business Disability Forum, to help understand how best to support its employees living with disability.
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